How to Identify Original Seagate Hard Drive

In order to avoid buying counterfeit Seagate hard drives, we hereby share the identification method
1. Check whether the appearance label is intact and there are no traces of wear or stains
If it is a counterfeit hard disk, the printing quality of the label sticker is different from the original one, and the font is blurred
2. Check whether the serial number SN exactly matches the hard disk model
Please open Seagate
Enter the SN, the OEM version will be recognized as a red font or Not Under Warranty by Seagate. Please Contact Place of Purchase.
If it is a retail version, it will be identifiable as the warranty period and region, if it is not a regional warranty, the warranty will be replaced by the dealer
If the SN is unidentifiable or invalid, the hard disk may be a refurbished or counterfeit product

But another situation is a new hard disk manufactured by the factory, such as 2 months, there will be some delay in updating the SN to the Seagate warranty check

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